Hot Heads Hemi – Street/Blown

The Street Port CNC Program is meant for the street rodder who wants more out of his as cast heads. When designing this port precautions were made to leave enough wall thickness in the pushrod wall area to not require brass sleeves to be installed. This port design would be considered maximized using the valve sizes that come stock with these heads (2.065 /1.800 ). These heads flow 345cfm @ .650 lift which is a substantial gain from as cast. Easily bolt on an additional 80+hp using this program. A new revised exhaust port was designed to work with all current Hot Heads headers while having a more traditional port shape. New castings can be purchased direct from Smithberg Racing for custom built packages or Hot Heads will help with logistics for the CNC Process.

Intake Runner: 200cc – 2.8″ CSA (392 casting add 30cc)

Exhaust Runner: 105cc

Chamber Size: 112cc

Labor package $2000

Package Includes: CNC Program, hand blended Intake & Exhaust ports, guides installed – sized and honed to spec, seats installed, Custom Profile Valve Job, Light Head Surfacing, Cleaned, and ready for parts.

Fully Assembled Heads Optional: Please contact to discuss your needs! Quality parts available from PAC, Ferrea, Comp Cams, Crane Cams, etc.

Intake manifold: Have a new or used intake manifold? Send it in to get port matched to the heads. A in house mockup block is used to make sure everything lines up before it heads out the door. Better ease of final assembly!


Hot Street/Blown Drag: For the guy looking to get even more out of this program a larger intake valve option is offered by stepping up to a 2.125 in size. This requires additional hand work in the intake ports. This option adds an additional 15-20cfm in flow.

Add additional $200 for this option.

Intake Runner: 205cc – 2.8″ CSA (392 casting add 30cc)

Exhaust Runner: 105cc

Chamber Size: 112cc