Chrysler Hemi 331 – Street/Blown

This program was design for Hot Street Performance in Naturally Aspirated form or for Blown Applications. This program will fit in factory Iron 331 Early Hemi Castings (#1556157, #1486833, or Insustrial). Using a 2.125/1.800 valve combo this makes for a really efficient port size to keep velocity up. It has achieved flow rates of 320 cfm @ .500, 345 cfm @ .600, and 360cfm @ .700 lift. The casting receives new custom bronze CHE guides (5/16 or 11/32), brass pushrod tubes installed, surfacing, spark plug tube seals machined & installed, guides sized, precision valve job with proprietary seat profiles, hand finished, and flow tested. Each set of heads can also be custom built to your needs featuring custom Ferrea Stainless or Titanium Valves and valve spring packages from Comp Cams, Crane Cams, or PAC.

Labor Package – $2200