Chrysler Hemi 354

The Iron 354 Street Port CNC Program (Castings #1619823) is meant for the street rodder who wants more out of his as cast iron heads but can’t afford aftermarket aluminum heads. When designing this port precautions were made to leave enough wall thickness in the pushrod wall area to not require brass sleeves to be installed. The pushrod holes get enlarged to 1/2″ to allow for 3/8″ pushrods and to be able to use offset rocker stands for longer valves. This port design would be considered maximized using the valve sizes that come stock with these heads (2.08 /1.800 ). These heads flow up to 325cfm @ .650 lift which is nearly a 100cfm gain from as cast. Easily bolt on an additional 80+hp using this program.

Price: $2000

Street Performance Valvetrain: This setup was designed to incorporate modern valvetrain technology into a 1950’s engine. When assembled heads are purchased from Smithberg Racing shelf stock items are used to keep the costs of custom pieces down entirely! A truly affordable package with modern performance to take these engines to a new power level! Using shelf stock parts from Ferrea, PAC, and Comp Cams will allow lifts to be attained up to .650 lift for Hydraulic Roller Camshafts.