Smithberg Racing was established in 2002 by Nick Smithberg (AKA Bossman) in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska. The passion at this shop is the internal combustion engine and how to make it more efficient resulting with more power! No job too small whether it be a single cylinder Clone Engine, to Classic Vintage Engines, or to the Modern Engines of today Smithberg Racing has you covered.

Nick has also been involved with Popular Hot Rodding’s Engine Masters Challenge since 2010 where he had great involvement with Danny Miller / Hot Heads Research & Racing’s Early Hemi. In 2012 the 1956 385ci Early Hemi was the most awarded team at the event by winning the “Torque Monster” Award, Runner Up in the Street Class, and also receiving an Editor’s Choice award for such a unique engine that left a lasting impression at the contest. He continues to be involved with various teams to share input and help keep others competitive in the event.

EMC Awards

Since then Nick has been involved with various companies developing cylinder head port designs and intake manifolds. Some of these companies include Blueprint Engines, Gene Adams Performance, Bob Walla Racing, Hot Heads Research & Racing, and CAL Automotive Creations. Nick is able to use his talents building inductions for typical street engines, competitive racing engines, and one off high end show cars. The creativity and attention to detail is what sets Nick apart from the rest. Certainly a leader in bringing a modern twist to vintage engines.



Nick Smithberg at Engine Masters Challenge 2012