CNC Program Coming Soon 354 Early Hemi

I have been pursued on many occasions to do a program for the factory iron 354 heads. Since there is a need in the market place I’ve moved forward to develop a port that I feel will cater to the masses. This program is mainly for the street performance crowd looking to get serious gains with what they may already have for heads. The intake port for this is designed around a 2.08 intake valve and is simply an add on to my other Iron Early Hemi programs that will utilize the same exhaust ports. It flows 325cfm @ .650 lift which is nearly a 100cfm gain from the stock ports. The goal is to maximize the port size while keeping enough wall thickness on the pushrod walls so sleeves are not required. The port is finished and ready to be sent off to be digitized. Hope to have it available by late summer to early fall this year. Inquiries are welcome, contact for further details.



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